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1st National Conference

1st National Conference 2019 is facilitated and organized by FKIP UNTAN. This conference is held on 16 November 2019. With the Theme Promoting 21 century skills in English Literacy and Education The national conference will contribute really to improving the quality of teaching and understanding of material to English language teachers at various levels of education as an effort to serve the community. “In addition, this activity is also intended to facilitate practitioners and academics in improving English competence and learning and research methods to be in line with the needs of of students.

1st National Conference is a National Conference in the fields of Language, Literacy, Education and Social Sciences held by the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) Universitas Tanjungpura Pontianak, Indonesia. This conference provides an ample opportunity for scholars, researchers, and academia to exchange information and share ideas & experiences to a diverse academic community. Discussion and exploration of related research and practices to promote the latest innovation, trends and practical challenges in those fields are highly encouraged as well.


The committee cordially invites everyone to either present their research papers or involve in the academic discussion as participants in the themes: Reading as integrative skills and its language features, Creative writing. Teaching song, drama, and other literary works, English linguistics (Phonology, Morphology, Syntax) TEFL, TESOL Language corpus and its study Games and English language teaching Online Teaching and Learning Technology Enhanced Language Learning


Deadline for Registration: 10 November 2019 Abstract submission: 1-2 November 2019 Abstract acceptance notification: 5-6 November 2019 Deadline for a full paper submission: 30 November 2019 1st Nasional Conference: 16 November 2019

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